US Residents’ Reactions to Government Response and Financial Implications to COVID-19

SoapBoxSample Releases Data on US Residents’ Reactions to Government Response and Financial Implications to COVID-19

Research study reveals an overwhelming number of Americans have financial fears as a result of COVID-19.

March 18 , 2020, Los Angeles, CA — Research firm SoapBoxSample announced today, the release of the second part of their ongoing series of polls on COVID-19. As families across the US are in the midst of self-isolation, at home quarantine, remote education and employment, SoapBoxSample launched a comprehensive research initiative designed to monitor public sentiment in the wake of the life-threatening Coronavirus.

The second survey focused on the government’s response and reaction and the financial implications of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Results from this survey revealed that just over half (51%) of Americans are somewhat or very satisfied with the government’s response to the Coronavirus outbreak.  Over the coming weeks SoapBox will continue to measure changes in public sentiment and understanding, and make the data publicly available. The goal of this initiative is to promote awareness of the virus, thereby enabling the public to make responsible and informed decisions.

“Information is changing daily,” said Jacqueline Rosales, COO of SoapBoxSample and icanmakeitbetter. “We know our staff, clients, friends and family have many concerns from health to financial impacts. Our goal is to continue providing insight on the thoughts of the American public in order to be a small part to help identify and eliminate the knowledge gaps that could potentially lead to unintentional spread of the virus.”

The second in a series SoapBoxSample’s polls on COVID-19, this study was conducted March 16 – 17 with 401 US residents (yielding a 95% confidence level, +\-5% margin of error).   This wave focused on Government and Finances.  Overall, the government was found to be doing a good job (rating of 4 or 5) as it relates to providing information in a timely manner (49% rating of 4 or 5), stressing the serious nature of this outbreak (49% rating of 4 or 5) and communicating ot the public (47%).  However, the largest segment of respondents rated the government a 1 or 2 (needs improvement) when it comes to factors related to the emotional effecs of the outbreak with 49% stating the government needs improvement in helping people feel calm and preventing public panic.

When asked about the financial impact of the pandemic, nearly all respondents (93%) are aware of the impact Coronavirus has had on the world’s financial markets.  An overhwhelming 64% either have lost money or are worried about the amount of money they’re losing in the market plunge.

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve, the American public will be exposed to a myriad of news reports. Taking the pulse of the American public to understand what information they are retaining, and whether that information is accurate, is crucial to the US containment strategy. SoapBoxSample seeks to assist with keeping the public safe and informed, by providing this data to the public at no cost.

Parts 3 and 4 will follow in the coming days. To receive ongoing information and stats, please follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.

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