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SoapBoxSample COO Jacqueline Rosales Speaks at SampleCon

By June 26, 2014 No Comments

SoapBoxSample Featured at SampleCon 2014

If you are headed to the Big Easy this week for SampleCon, the only industry conference dedicated to Online sampling, be sure to check out our COO’s on stage panel discussion on the Pros and Cons of Automation.  The audience can expect a lively and informative discussion offering differing points of view on the topic. A can’t miss session!

“The Right Delivery Mechanism At the Right Time: The Pros and Cons of Automation.”  Save the humans! Increase your profits! Machines are incapable of understanding sampling intricacies! Humans are slow, error prone and require significant oversight! Which is it? In this session, participants will explore new opportunities being created through automation as well as the inherent risks associated with automating.