Experience and Technology

When you combine our three decades of data collection and research experience with new techniques and technology, you end up with a robust offering that sets us apart from other online research companies. We’re committed to providing clients and respondents a unique platform to connect in this ever changing marketplace.

Mobile Research

 Online Sample

Robust Sampling Tools


SoapBoxSample™ optimizes the online audience by leveraging opt-in panels, routing, and real-time solutions. Each study is analyzed on a case-by-case basis to ensure the best method and combination of sample is utilized based on the project needs.

Email Campaign

Efficiency In Our Processes


This may include one or a variety of sources we have at our fingertips. Our ability to leverage a combination of technology tools results in automation and efficiency in our process. Our clients benefit from extensive access, while ensuring a seamless delivery of high quality respondents.



A Community of Physicians


We’ve created a community of physicians to help provide answers to pressing medical research questions. Clients can segment by region, specialty, years of experience, or type of practice.

Verified and Validated


We build and maintain close relationships with our medical community. Our doctors are recruited using a variety of methods, and each member is verified to be a practicing physician, with an active medical ID number.


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Mobile Research

Passive Metering


SoapBoxSample is a leader and early adopter of passive metering techniques, collecting behavioral and usage data directly from the mobile devices of opted-in respondents, most often through applications that run seamlessly in the background. Without interrupting our respondents’ daily communications, we are able to get a complete picture of their digital lives by tracking what they do online.



Get closer to the Point of Experience with MySoapBox mobile app. By deploying surveys when a respondent enters or leaves a predefined area, we can ensure that we get feedback when the experience is fresh in their minds. Surveys can be sent out after a respondent shops at a certain store, or views a targeted ad.


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IHUTs & Diaries



Our team can handle all facets of In-Home Use Tests, deploying a wide variety of products for our respondents to try at home.




Sometimes people change their minds. Find out how respondents’ feelings about a product change over time, by asking them to keep a diary.

Programming & Hosting


The Right Tools


With advanced programming skills and a flexible survey platform, SoapBoxSample supports even the most complex survey designs. The robust reporting tools offer real-time monitoring and report generation accessible 24/7.

Respondent Engagement


Our custom interactive question type library promotes respondent engagement. Our programmers possess years of experience across multiple platforms, languages and methodologies, offering best-in-class survey programming for our clients.

Research Design & Analytics

Solutions for Business


Our dedicated team of research consultants and analysts provides clients with both comprehensive market research solutions for businesses and “on-the-spot” expert assistance. This works well for clients well versed in market research or those simply looking for a little guidance on an as-needed basis.


Flexible Assistance


Our staff offers complete project execution, analytics, and reporting for a myriad of project types. Whether you need a full-service solution for your market research initiatives, or simply some help creating a survey questionnaire, SoapBoxSample offers the assistance you need.


ESOMAR’s 28 Questions are designed to provide a standard set of questions a buyer can ask to determine whether a sample provider’s practices and samples fit with their research objectives. To read SoapBoxSample’s responses, view and download the pdf below.