A FRESH Approach

At the heart of SoapBoxSample™ is our proprietary panel, MySoapBox™ Panel. Going beyond traditional methods, our recruitment channels include online, telephone, social media, TV, radio, word of mouth and print. MySoapBox Panel is built with the goal of not just collecting data, but offering our members a platform to speak and be heard.

Loyal Respondents


Diversified Recruiting


Vigorous Quality Checks


High Engagement


Varied Touch Points


Relationship Based Membership


We Specialize in Finding Hard-to-Reach Respondents

The result of our multi-faceted recruiting model is a diversified audience that more closely represents the target population than traditional one-dimensional recruiting. In fact, we’re engaging with some of the most “hard-to-reach” respondents, including those in categories such as:

  • Lifestyle

  • Hispanic

  • Household

  • Healthcare

  • Automotive

  • Technology

  • Financial

  • B2B