Capture the Digital Journey of Your Customers


Seamlessly Gather the Most Detailed and Accurate Data Available Today

MySoapBox Meter™, offers digital behavior data from PC or mobile devices helping clients capture a holistic view of their specific target audience’s digital journeys. Clients can use this to build digital profiles of their consumer segments, or understand the path to purchase with richer insights than what can be provided from survey research alone.


Integrated with Industry Leading Technologies

As a launching partner of Wakoopa Hub, SoapBoxSample provides passive metering collected by the  industry leader in passive metering technology. Once installed, the application seamlessly gathers information about respondents online behavior by running “in the background” on either their desktop or mobile device. Respondents simply install the application; no other participation is required. By collecting insights directly from consumer devices, clients have access to the most detailed and accurate behavioral data available today.

Data Includes


Websites Visited on PC and Mobile


Length of Website Visits


Search Terms


Mobile App Usage

Capture In-the-Moment Feedback

Real-time Responses via Our Mobile App

SoapBoxSample’s™ mobile app allows you to capture the consumer’s attention in real-time, where they are. Whether it is an in-app push notification alerting them of an available research opportunity, or the deploying of surveys to their mobile device, this offering ensures one more way you can engage and reach your audience – especially those who are heavy users of mobile and always on-the-go.


What It Does

How It Works

MySoapBox Mobile

MySoapBox Mobile is an IOS/Android mobile phone application developed to facilitate in-the-moment research activities. The app enables SoapBoxSample to connect with consumers via their mobile devices promoting ease, efficiency and expanded research capabilities.

Key Features

MySoapBox mobile app features include a rich set of research capabilities. Research engagements with the app may leverage one, all, or any combination of the features. App based research may also be used alongside traditional research methodologies offering a multi-mode approach. The app may be used for one-off, multi-phase or longitudinal research engagements.



In-App Survey Notification

Delivers survey notifications through the app

  • In browser surveys compatible with all survey platforms
  • Ability to collect data in a single study via multiple modes with a single data set
  • Ability to send a survey via email, SMS or in app notification



Captures the longitude/latitude of the respondent

  • Verify the respondent is in a specific location
  • Verify store visits or mystery shopping location



Pre-programs a location’s longitude and latitude

  • Map a location’s entry and exit points
  • Trigger a consumer survey while at the location or upon leaving


Photo/Video Capture

Take photos or videos within the app or upload existing content

  • Capture content at the point of experience; in-home, out and about, in-store
  • Upload with ease through the app
  • Connect the photo/video to the respondent with automated unique ID
  • Browse, sort, tag videos via an online portal

Research Applications


Mobile Missions

  • Consumer journeys captured in real-time
  • Leverage photo, video and survey data capture
  • View consumer videos via secure portal


In-Home Use Tests

  • Leverage MySoapBox mobile to capture product usage feedback
  • Enhance diary/journal entries with photo and/or video
  • Take advantage of in-app notifications for multi-phase assignments


Mobile Ethnographies

  • Gain insight into the daily life of consumers understanding their daily rituals
  • Capture habits and product usage though a combination of video, photo and survey assignments
  • Manage cascading assignments over a designated period of time


In Store Interviews/ Exit Interviews

  • Leverage geo-fencing to serve surveys upon entering or exits of a store
  • Combine survey, photo and video uploads
  • Track behavior at client and competitor sites

SoapBoxSample was named a top mobile researcher for 2017 by Quirks Marketing Research Review