Job Description – Sales and Marketing Administrative Assistant

SoapBoxSample is a vibrant, fast-growing online research company. Our mission is to create an environment which empowers people to engage in mutually beneficial relationships, pursue avenues of self-expression and generate boundless growth opportunities. We are currently looking for a highly motivated Sales and Marketing Administrative Assistant to join our group of super motivated, smart, fun, cool people.

Job Description: As the Sales and Marketing Administrative Assistant, you will divide your time between coordinating what goes on inside the office and helping to find and develop leads for our sales team. Along with the “usual” administrative assistant responsibilities, we want you to help us find people who are in need of our amazing services, even if they don’t know it yet. We have a lot of cool products, and we need your to help to get the word out. You will be responsible for reminding the public, our clients and especially our competitors how awesome we are. You can even rub their faces in it a little bit.

You will work with the sales team to coordinate our conference schedule, manage our CRM, help with social media marketing, monitor our sales funnels and gather leads, and maybe even some straight-up sleuthing. You need to be smart, computer savvy, well-mannered, hardworking, energetic, respectful AND a professional multi-tasker with patience and a good sense of humor. This is an awesome entry level job, with huge growth potential, in a fun, high energy environment.


  • Help our sales team stay organized and focused. We want their minds on their money and their money on their minds. Your job is to worry about the details.

  • Keep our CRM updated

  • Always use the correct form of to, too, two

  • Never, ever, ever use Times New Roman Font

  • Agree to only use square bullet points

  • Keep track of who is fat free, carb free, dairy free, Paleo etc and order good food appropriately

  • Be a mind reader (ok not really but it does help)

  • Keep the office famously decorated for all holidays

  • Coordinate epic company wide events

  • Remain annoyingly optimistic

  • Expertly book travel accommodating all the quirky particulars

  • Come up with thoughtful, memorable gift ideas for clients and staff

  • Take and maintain lots of photos (at all times) for a company scrapbook and various blackmail situations

  • Be willing to adjust the thermostat no less than 5,489 times per day in search of the optimal temperature

  • Inform the sales team about potential sales opportunities

  • Help with daily social media promotional efforts (updating Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

  • Support the flawless execution of our conference schedule; producing and ordering conference materials, planning employee travel, letting attendees know where to go and when (if they get lost they can’t sell anything), while meeting deadlines and staying within budgetary constraints

  • Help with the production of client-facing presentations

  • Editing and writing copy

  • Strategize ways to sell our products, by getting our sales people in a room with decision-makers

  • Proof-read and circulate press releases with pertinent company news

  • Act as the internal cheerleader. Did someone make a big sale today? We want you to jump up and down and shout about it. (You won’t be the only one though, so it’s ok.)

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Executive assistant experience

  • Sales experience

  • Basic knowledge of CRM management

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office packages required

  • Working knowledge of social media marketing

  • Strong written, verbal and presentation skills

  • Organizational and time management skills

  • Prior background in Market Research a plus

Company Benefits:

We offer a competitive compensation package. Benefits include Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, 401(k), vacation, sick and holiday pay. Office environment is friendly and business casual. Free bagel on Thursday!

Job Location:

Remote candidates will not be considered for this role. You must be located in the LA area, be willing to drive to Van Nuys each day and/or willing to move here.

To Apply For a Position:

Qualified candidates, please email your resume to with the job title and your name in the subject line (or fax to (818) 756-7476 if for some reason you are still into faxing.) If you don’t include these requests when submitting, your resume will likely find its way into the circular file.