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Quirk’s January Issue

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Google now processes, on average, over 40,000 search queries every second; this translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. The way people engage with brands and online content is constantly evolving. No single day of digital behavior is the same as another. If I want to learn about the newest fitness gadget, I search it online. By the next day, I may be over fitness and want to know how to convert my home to a “smart” home, so I search it up. Later that same afternoon, I may want a new refrigerator that can build me a shopping list. Or, I may just want to buy something mundane like shampoo (you know the kind that makes my hair that cool silver-purple color) , so I simply look it up on Amazon and click “buy now.” If brands want to stay competitive, they need to able to keep up with radical, fast-paced changes in consumer online behavior.

Brands have a great appetite for understanding how people behave and make decisions online. They need to understand their customer’s purchase influencers beyond demographic and attitudinal data; passive tracking data captures how consumers move across the digital world, allowing brands to keep up by tracking their customer’s digital journeys – in real-time.

Adopting a passive metering strategy is not without challenges. The challenges range from technology implementation and respondent adoption to understanding of the data. There are oceans of it, and it is totally unstructured. Despite these challenges, more and more clients are diving in and having success finding those nuggets of “data gold” they would never have uncovered with surveys alone. Brands need to start somewhere, and rather than trying to uncover the holy grail of all that Passive Metering can do, simply looking for trends in the data at a high level can deliver those unexpected “aha moments” brands want.

Keep in mind, consumers are complex. Passive Metering is a super effective starting point to understand what people are doing without disrupting or influencing their behavior. However, there is no one simple research formula or methodology that is all-knowing. Blending methodologies has been — and will continue to be– crucial for brands to really understand their customers. The opportunities for connecting digital behavioral data with traditional survey data, 3rd party data or even longitudinal data available through other innovative research approaches such as Insight Communities, translates to in-depth, actionable insights brands need.

We keep hearing Passive Metering is coming as the next “big” thing in research. Truth is, it is already here. It has been here for years. I encourage researchers to stop overcomplicating it. Take the risk of not knowing everything in advance, find great clients to experiment with and dive in. Remember, you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it.

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SoapBoxSample Gains Two New Vice Presidents Via Internal Promotion

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Updated Leadership Will Drive Ambitious Growth Goals for 2017

January 5, 2017, Los Angeles, CA — SoapBoxSample, part of the ISA family of companies, announced today an expansion in leadership to drive projected growth for 2017. Two of SoapBox’s senior Directors will be promoted to Vice Presidents, and each will take on greater responsibilities both by initiating new projects and increasing collaboration between departments.

Dan Parcon, formerly SoapBox’s Director of Client Services, has been promoted to Vice President of Operations. Dan has been with the company since its inception in 2012 as the second employee hired and has been an integral part of the startup’s early success.
Jacqueline Rosales, SoapBoxSample Chief of Operations, commented that Dan “has worked very hard challenging himself both professionally and personally. His desire to make SoapBox the best it can be has never, ever waivered.”

Elinor Gaida will now serve as Vice President of Research and Analytics and will continue to lead her department with a newly expanded role overseeing community projects. Elinor has an extensive background in Market Research with over 13 years in the industry.
Jacqueline Rosales commended Gaida for her hard work and accomplishments, saying “Elinor is steadfast in her independence and is a natural leader. From the moment she came on board, she took charge of research and analytics and never looked back.”

In 2016, SoapBoxSample and icanmakeitbetter (ICMIB) integrated their operations following the acquisition of ICMIB by SoapBox’s parent company ISA. SoapBox has been focused on integrating their community work with their research and analytics division, while continuing to offer high-quality, customized solutions to their clients. The company successfully met an aggressive set of sales goals in 2016 while simultaneously expanding their line of products. SoapBoxSample’s portfolio of products now includes expanded passive metering capabilities, a fully-integrated community platform and an online video storage and editing solution for respondent videos (MySoapBox TV).

Back-to-School Shopping Trends 2015

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Back-to-School spending is a major boon for retailers, second only to the winter holiday shopping season. Today SoapBoxSample released their 2015 Back-to-School infographic, revealing the latest trends in consumer spending. Mobile and online trends are continuing to change the face of back-to-school shopping. Parents are likely to do more than half of their back-to-school shopping online, especially Millennial parents. Read more facts below.

How Mobile Surveys Fail

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Most Surveys Don’t Take Full Advantage of Capabilities

Fresh Findings From SoapBoxSample and Distill Research

— In the increasingly pervasive world of smartphones, market researchers are seeking ways to leverage the small-screen platform for speed, convenience and unique data collection capabilities (e.g. photos/scanning). A recent survey of smartphone owners conducted by Distill Research with respondents provided by SoapBoxSample revealed that mobile surveys are only a small part of the research landscape and that most of these surveys fail to take advantage of smartphone capabilities.

Researchers that want to engage respondents on a smartphone may find success; about half of smartphone owners that were asked to switch from a desktop to their phone to take a survey did so.

In terms of comfort with information sharing, tracking and sharing web history or allowing an app to access personal contacts were deemed to be more off limits. Conversely, there is a notably high number of smartphone owners willing to share personal health information. Demographically, younger males appear to be more willing to share data or download apps that will streamline or personalize their survey experience. In general, older respondents are less willing to share any form of personal data.

These and many other important findings on feelings towards mobile surveys are available for free at

A Note About Methodology
This survey was conducted online within the United States by Distill Research from September 9, 2014 to September 15, 2014 among 537 U.S. adults ages 18 to 65, who own a smartphone and participated in at least 1 online survey in the past 3 months. While the sample was collected to mirror the age, gender and regional proportions of the U.S. smartphone-owning population according to Pew Research, this online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated.

About Distill Research
Distill Research is an independent custom market research company founded by three highly skilled and experienced market researchers with more than 50 years of combined experience. Distill provides primary quantitative and qualitative market research for a diverse group of companies in technology, telecom, financial services, advertising & marketing, entertainment & media, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, public policy, consumer package goods, travel & leisure, quick service restaurants, and energy. The company is based in Portland, Oregon. For more:

SoapBoxSample Adopts Two TrueSample Products

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SoapBoxSample continues to demonstrate its commitment to sample integrity

SoapBoxSample, a member of the ISA family, is proud to announce their recent partnership with TrueSample, the industry’s gold standard for sample certification. SoapBoxSample recently adopted two of TrueSample’s products; Sample Validation, one of TrueSample’s most trusted and enduring products, and Multi-Device Fingerprint, their newest and most highly-anticipated offering.

SoapBoxSample’s rapid growth combined with its commitment to providing the highest quality research drove the company’s decision to partner with TrueSample to add additional layers of verification to their specialty studies. As SoapBoxSample ramps up high touch point engagement and longitudinal studies, collaborating with TrueSample will allow SoapBox to increase efficiency while continuing to maintain the highest possible data quality standards for its research.

“We’re delighted to partner with a company like TrueSample, whose name is synonymous with quality, transparency and innovation.” said Dorothy Dotson, Director of Panel/Sample Operations. “Becoming a TrueSample certified panel was of critical importance to us when it came to solidifying our reputation as a trusted and high quality source of engaged, committed survey respondents.”

TrueSample’s solutions increase the veracity of online sampling and insights by ensuring that respondents are, in the words of the company’s motto, “real, unique, and engaged.” Their exciting new Multi-Device Fingerprint product prevents duplication by passively analyzing the characteristics of the devices respondents use to participate in online research, and can identify the same participant across multiple devices.

“By adopting our Multi-Device Fingerprint service, SoapBox is more prepared than ever, to ensure they acquire unique panelists and deliver unique survey participants.” said Dyna Boen, CRO at TrueSample.

SoapBoxSample continues to demonstrate its commitment to elevating the quality of sample based research, both for itself and for the industry as a whole. SoapBoxSample recently announced its new position as one of the founding members of SampleCon, the industry’s only conference dedicated exclusively to sampling. In this role, SoapBoxSample will be instrumental in crafting and promoting best practices for the sample industry.

To learn more about TrueSample, visit or call 415-300-7362.

SoapBoxSample Continues Expansion

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SoapBoxSample Adds Online Sample Operations Expertise

SoapBoxSample, a member of the Interviewing Service of America (ISA) family, expands its management team with the addition of seasoned online sample expert, Dorothy Dotson.

Dotson comments “I’m thrilled to be part of a growing team of dedicated research and operations personnel. SoapBox’s sharp focus on client needs by being flexible, nimble, and innovative is a mission I’m proud to be part of. The industry is changing so fast and SoapBoxSample has its finger on the pulse of what’s coming next. I could not be happier to begin contributing to the success of such a well-positioned company.”

Dotson joins SoapBoxSample following 10 years at OTX / Ipsos, where she held senior positions in online sample strategy and account management, with a focus on field process flow, vendor vetting and relationship management. Dotson’s expertise extends to multi-sourcing best practices and online sample routing.

Jacqueline Rosales, Chief of Operations, had this to say about Dotson’s appointment. “We are excited to have Dorothy join our team. She is a well-regarded industry expert in the online space and a great addition to our leadership team. Her ability to jump right in and really adopt our culture has been amazing.”

SoapBoxSample Expands Full Service Division

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SoapBoxSample Adds Experienced Researcher to the Full Service Division

SoapBoxSample, the newest member of the Interviewing Service of America (ISA) family, continues the tremendous growth trend with the addition of experienced researcher, Elinor Gaida, to the IQCenter Research Team.

Gaida comments: “Joining SoapBoxSample at this time is very exciting. The company has taken an innovative approach to online sampling and research, using state-of-the-art techniques that address today’s market research needs. We have a dynamic team of creative individuals with one goal in mind: providing clients with solid data and actionable results. I look forward to being a part of it and contributing to the success of SoapBoxSample’s IQCenter Research division.”

Gaida joins the team with research expertise in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed mode methodology across new product development, concept testing, satisfaction, social media research and branding among others. She possesses advanced analytics skills including segmentation, regression, perceptual mapping, TURF, MaxDiff and conjoint analysis. Her immediate past position was with American Specialty Health and previous to that spent 9 years with Luth Research.

At the end of Q1 this year, SoapBoxSample acquired the ClickIQ e-visor panel and retained the IQCenter, ClickIQ’s award winning full service research team. The expanded portfolio of services encompassing the full range of research services from study design and analytics to all data collection methodologies offered across the ISA family of companies, has further fast-tracked the growth of SoapBoxSample.

Chief of Operations, Jacqueline Rosales chimes in on the addition of Gaida to the team. “The ability to attract, hire and nurture exceptional talent is the root of my passion. Building this team has been a central focus as we continue to grow. There is nothing more rewarding than promoting a culture that supports and drives the growth of our team members both professionally and personally. We are excited to have Elinor on board – she is a natural fit for our group.”