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SoapBoxSample Announces Two Promotions Following Year-Long Hiring Initiative

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Newly appointed Vice President and Senior Research Director Promoted from Within

After a year of strong growth resulting in major hiring initiatives throughout 2017, SoapBoxSample announced the promotion of two employees. Mike Chavarria has been promoted to Vice President of Business Development and Valerie Hanson has advanced to Senior Research Director. Both are effective immediately.

Mike has an extensive background in Market Research with over 10 years in the industry. In his role as Director of Business Development since 2014, he has distinguished himself as an expert in high touch research approaches, including Insight Communities, Mobile Research, and Digital Passive Metering.

Valerie was the first employee of SoapBoxSample’s Full Service department. She joined the company in 2014 following the acquisition of CickIQ. Valerie’s vast experience and in depth knowledge of client of key client’s business, has continued to result in year of year account growth.

Over the last year SoapBox has been on a hiring kick, and has increased the staff by 25% since January. Last month, SoapBox celebrated their 5-year anniversary.

Jacqueline Rosales, COO, commented, “SoapBoxSample’s staff expansion allows the company to focus on optimizing new products and services while continuing to provide high-quality, customized solutions for our clients. The addition of new talent, along with the incredible success rate of internal advancement and promotions has allowed us to build an amazing staff.”

Over the course of 2017, SoapBoxSample has been focused on adding enhancements to MySoapBox Meter, their Passive Metering technology. MySoapBox Meter tracks consumers’ step-by-step interactions as they move across the digital world. Clients can build a detailed roadmap of the path to purchase without disrupting the process.

In 2016, the SoapBoxSample and icanmakeitbetter (ICMIB) operations were integrated following the acquisition of ICMIB by SoapBox’s parent company ISA. With the addition of Insight Community platform capabilities, SoapBoxSample now offers an even more diverse portfolio of products.

SoapBox Celebrates Five Years of FRESH

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The whole ISA family came together on November 16, 2017 to celebrate the five-year anniversary of SoapBoxSample. Founded in 2012, as the online division of Interviewing Service of America, SoapBox has grown from a 3-person operation on a shoestring budget to a multi-million dollar company. The staff has grown to 44, spread across two divisions (including icanmakeitbetter) and two offices — one in Los Angeles, CA and one in Austin, TX.

The Five Years of FRESH party was held at the Q-insights headquarters in Sherman Oaks. Attendees sported mobster-themed attire, played Blackjack, Poker and Craps at the Casino and dined on Italian food. SoapBoxSample COO Jacqueline Rosales made an appearance in a poker suit. (Bottom left of photo.)

SoapBoxSample Adds Industry Specialist to Team

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Anthony Bean Joins the Sales Team as Senior Account Executive

March 14, 2017, Los Angeles, CA – SoapBoxSample, part of the ISA family of companies, announced today an expansion of their sales division. Anthony Bean will join the team as a Senior Account Executive. In this role, he will manage client accounts and build relationships with key industry players to achieve aggressive sales goals for 2017.

Bean says: “I’m thrilled to be able to join the SoapBoxSample team. The company is well-regarded within the market research industry making some bold moves over the past few years to lead the way in new methods to solve client problems. I’m really looking forward to this opportunity to work with SoapBoxSample’s expansive portfolio of products and services to deliver world-class solutions to our clients.”

Anthony is a result-oriented team player with 12 years of experience under his belt.  Most recently from Toluna, Bean’s background includes positions with Harris Interactive and J.D. Power and Associates. He has distinguished himself in the Market Research industry with his extensive expertise across automotive, financial, film industry sectors and his community solutions awareness.

Jacqueline Rosales, SoapBoxSample Chief of Operations, added “We require talent who can ask the tough questions of clients and really understand the core of their business to recommend the best approach and combination of methodologies. We are super excited for Anthony to join the team. With the changing landscape of research, our clients need forward-thinking thought partners and Anthony has had great success building relationships on this premise.”

SoapBoxSample’s continual staff expansion allows the company to focus on optimizing new products and services while continuing to provide high-quality, customized solutions for their clients. In 2016, the SoapBoxSample and icanmakeitbetter (ICMIB) operations were integrated following the acquisition of ICMIB by SoapBox’s parent company ISA. With the addition of insight community platform capabilities, SoapBoxSample now offers an even more diverse portfolio of products.

Last year SoapBoxSample added multiple new capabilities to its product lineup. MySoapBox Meter seamlessly collects behavioral data from PC, mobile and tablet devices, gathering a holistic view of a consumer’s path to purchase. SoapBoxSample also expanded their mobile missions’ features last year, by enhancing their mobile app MySoapBox Mobile. The app captures respondent’s digital journeys in real-time. Respondents can upload photos and videos securely through the app, to a cloud-based storage solution. MySoapBox TV stores respondent’s photos and videos, which clients can easily view, tag and edit.

SoapBoxSample Expands Product Line with New Physician Panel

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“Our Doctors Are Always On-Call”

July, 2016, Los Angeles, CA — SoapBoxSample, part of the ISA family of companies, officially announced the launch of a new physician panel, DocThought. Engineered to provide targeted access, DocThought is a vast network of medical professionals ready to provide expert opinions to answer clients’ medical research questions. Members will provide feedback about a variety of medical products and services and weigh in on all things related to the medical industry.

Jacqueline Rosales, SoapBoxSample’s Chief of Operations, stated “Access to high quality Physician sample continues to be a void in the space. SoapBox continues to focus on the “what’s missing” to meet the ever-growing needs of clients. Recognizing the market needs, and building our portfolio of services around those needs, continues to fuel our growth as an organization.”

Physicians are required to provide their medical ID number upon registration and are verified to be practicing physicians. The information collected upon registration allows clients to segment by specialty, type of practice, ailments treated, and medications prescribed.

SoapBoxSample’s rapidly expanding organization allows the company to focus on optimizing new products and services while providing high-quality, customized solutions for their clients. Recently SoapBoxSample expanded their mobile capabilities by adding MySoapBox Meter, a passive metering application. The app tracks web browsing and app usage behavior on respondent’s smartphones, tablets and desktops. This growth trend and portfolio expansion kicked off earlier this year when SoapBox and icanmakeitbetter (ICMIB),  an insight community platform company based in Austin, Texas, were integrated following the acquisition of icmib by SoapBox’s parent company ISA. With the expansion of mobile and community capabilities, SoapBoxSample now provides an even more diverse portfolio of products.

SoapBox Teams Up with Wakoopa, Leading Experts in Passive Metering

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Business Alliance Marks the Launch of Wakoopa Hub, a Marketplace for Behavioral Data

Los Angeles, CA, May 19, 2016 — SoapBoxSample announced today its strategic partnership with Wakoopa, an Amsterdam-based company specializing in behavioral data. Their business alliance marks the launch of Wakoopa Hub, a new behavioral data marketplace.

SoapBox can now provide digital behavior data from PC or mobile devices helping clients capture a holistic view of their specific target audience’s digital journeys. Clients can use this to build digital profiles of their consumer segments, or understand the path to purchase with richer insights than what can be provided from survey research alone.

Jacqueline Rosales, SoapBoxSample Chief of Operations said, “We are excited to team up with Wakoopa. We have been recruiting for Passive Metering studies since the inception of SoapBox and we now get to pair our recruitment expertise with best-in-class technology. As members of Wakoopa Hub, our clients also benefit from metered data offered by the other Hub partners.”

In partnership with a global network of renowned panel companies, Wakoopa Hub is a new way for researchers to access vast amounts of behavioral data from respondents worldwide. The delivery model simplifies the purchasing process, leading to broader industry access and increased economies of scale. By lowering the barriers to studies that rely on behavioral data, Wakoopa Hub will help researchers uncover key digital behavior insights that are only possible through passive metering approaches.

Simon van Duivenvoorde, Managing Director of Wakoopa said, “This is an exciting step for market research. By connecting supply and demand in the market for behavioral data, Wakoopa Hub lowers the barriers to conduct behavioral data fuelled studies. We look forward to continuing the journey of driving adoption of behavioral data as a standard element in market research.”

About Wakoopa
Founded in 2007 in Amsterdam, Wakoopa is the world’s leading supplier of passive metering technologies. Wakoopa unlocks high quality behavioral data from research participants on personal computers, smartphones and tablets. Together with online access panels and market research companies we establish user centric behavioral datasets. This data fuels innovative research designs such as consumer journey studies and audience profiling.

SoapBox Expands With Recent Acquisition

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SoapBoxSample and icanmakeitbetter to Operate in Partnership Following Acquisition

Community Platform Capabilities Added to ISA’s Portfolio of Offerings

March 2, 2016, Los Angeles, CAInterviewing Service of America (ISA) announced today their acquisition of Austin, Texas-based community platform company icanmakeitbetter (ICMIB) and its parent company Sentient Services. SoapBoxSample, ISA’s Online Research Division will integrate ICMIB, fueling the expansion of its portfolio of product offerings and rounding out the ICMIB Online Community capabilities.

SoapBoxSample COO Jacqueline Rosales said, “Our goal as we enter into our fourth year is to continue to offer our clients best-in-class approaches and methodologies to meet the changing needs of the research industry. As the focus of research continues to shift more towards a holistic view of the consumer, it is our job to facilitate the deep insights clients are looking for to drive their business decisions.”

While ICMIB will operate largely independently, it will be driven by SoapBoxSample leadership and will become part of the ISA family of companies. Founder Paul Janowitz and the ICMIB team will continue in their current roles, with some SoapBox staffing integration and infrastructure support from ISA.

Founded in 2003, ICMIB is an online community platform that offers a diverse line of community and customer feedback solutions, including focus groups, discussion forums, live chat, digital journals, ideation and panel management.

Paul Janowitz, Founder and CEO, said “We’re very excited about joining the ISA group of companies and working alongside SoapBoxSample to expand our respective capabilities. Today is truly an exciting day and a triumph for innovation and customer collaboration in the research and insights industry. The partnership will allow our leading platform to scale globally and further empower the voice of the customer to engage with businesses and create better outcomes for all parties.”

The acquisition of ICMIB will allow SoapBox to provide clients with a first-rate online community platform in addition to an already expansive suite of offerings. The ICMIB platform can augment and enhance existing SoapBox research products and will also be a stand-alone offering.

The LRW (Lieberman Research Worldwide) Group of companies includes sister company ISA and its two divisions SoapBoxSample and Q-Insights. This is the first in a planned series of acquisitions the group of companies will make related to its mid-2015 decision to partner with and take on growth capital from Tailwind Capital Partners.

About icanmakeitbetter

icanmakeitbetter is an all-in-one insight community and customer feedback solution that provides surveys, live chat, focus groups, discussion forums, digital journals, ideation, and panel management – in a simple, single platform that works across any device for true on-demand, in-context insights. For more information, visit