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Build detailed profiles of your customers and potential customers. Optimize your marketing to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Know Your Customers

Understand the unique attitudes and experiences of cannabis customers

  • Buys Topical Ointment

  • For Pain Management

  • Spends $77+ per month

  • Shops at Local Dispensary

  • Orders Vape Products Online

  • Also Buys Through a Delivery Service

  • Spends $54+ Per Month

  • Uses Cannabis as an Alternative to Opioid Pain Medication

  • Purchases Sublingual CBD Oil

  • To Treat Anxiety and Depression

  • Spends $101+ Per Month

  • Relies on Recommendations from Dispensary Staff

Clients Use Us To…

Develop New Products

Test Branding & Advertising

Crowdsource Ideas

Conduct Concept & Product Testing

Track Consumer Habits Online

Gather In-the-Moment Feedback

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