Job Description – Senior Account Executive

SoapBoxSample is looking for a Senior Account Executive to join our group of super motivated, smart, fun, cool people. This role is responsible for driving sales and maintaining client relationships:

  • 5+ years Sales Experience in the Market Research Space, or ability to pretend you know the space. We’ll take either
  • Here comes the tough part if you answered “pretending” – full service research sales experience is a major plus.
  • Have a solid track record of winning new business? Have you successfully built a pyramid scheme? We want to hear about it.
  • Must enjoy rejection. The bigger a glutton for punishment, the more you’ll enjoy the successes.
  • Proven record of successfully guessing organizational email formats. Seriously.
  • Being a ham is necessary. If you’re incapacitated by the thought of public speaking this might not be the role for you.
  • Do people like you? Your prospects and clients will most likely have to like you. If they don’t like you and you have clients we’d be curious to know more.
  • Do you work harder, or smarter? We prefer smarter. Do you like cliché terms? We prefer you do.
  • We’ll take you to cool cities for conferences and client visits (OK, we’ll require it). In exchange you can (potentially) spend the rest of your time working in your pajamas. We should probably mention that means working from home….don’t come to the office in your pajamas.
  • After all the above are you still confident, focused and open to a new experience? Keep on reading.

Responsibilities Include:

    • Slangin’ market research
    • Achieving predefined sales goals. We have to have a reason to pay you.
    • We’re looking for hunters. That person you met at an industry conference, we’d like it if you converted them to a client.
    • Oh yeah, you’re going to conferences and representing SoapBoxSample. Remember to promote the company in a positive manner.
    • We have sales meetings. We’d like you to attend. We’d like it even more if you gave accurate sales updates to the sales team and management.
    • Teamwork rocks (I told you you’d need to like clichés). Being a good role model and mentor to Jr. Sales Associates would be much appreciated.
    • We do have a CRM system. We do use it. You’ll have to also.

Company Benefits:

How much do you make? Want to make more? You’re a salesperson, of course you do. We offer a competitive compensation package. Benefits include Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, 401(k), vacation, sick and holiday pay. Office environment is friendly and business casual.This is a full time position.

To Apply For a Position:

Qualified candidates, email your resume, with the position you are applying for to